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Thematic Sections


Thematic journey starts with the seas and oceans of the world. The Indian Ocean, Red Sea, Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean welcome you at the very beginning in 4 thematic aquariums. You can see the examples of underwater life in and around Antalya province in the big cylindrical aquarium to the left and the small ones surrounding it. After having seen the mysterious life in underwater caves, you will be astonished at the rivers of the world. You will be witnessing the Asian rivers following the Nile and Amazon rivers.


After having passed by the waterfall, you will arrive at the plant aquarium section. If you follow the dark corridor, Morays and Porpoises will salute you.


You can have a rest by sitting around the pool in which you can see Horseshoe Crabs while reading the curios story of the Noah’s Great Flood. There are big thematic aquariums in this section giving information about Dock Stand and Demre Çay Ağzı regions as well as the seas of Turkey in various aquariums. After the eels, you will face the Tropical Reef section. You can take a closer look at the living corals, clown fishes, seahorses, lion fishes, octopuses and giant morays here. Moreover, there are Sturgeon fishes inside the large aquarium to the right of the same section.


The last stop of the thematic section is the tank of Sharks. You will be going down a floor by using the stairs on the right side after having listened to interesting stories from Easter Island.


Total water volume of the aquariums inside Antalya Aquarium is around 7.5 million liters and there are hundreds of sharks in these aquariums. Please remember to catch the shark feeding times that are regularly held every day.






















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